Almost there! After many long years of hard work, a group of very ambitious scientists made a discovery which will change the world! However...
Before they can publish their newest theory, they have to provide solid mathematical proof to convince the scientific world.
Thus, you have to collect formulas to gain the knowledge required to forge the required equations and definitions.
Be careful though...
a member of the research group, famous scientist Dr. Sheldon Cooper decided to work on his own, as he wants all the fame and honour for himself and to use it to gain power and take over the world!

Take control of Pascal, Raj, Marvin, Stromberg and Angela to help them prevent Dr. Sheldon Cooper from taking away the results of all their hard work!
Don't let the world fall to chaos! Our fate is in your hands.

mSlendon4096.EXE was created by Christopher Dillo, Rick Gelhausen, Philip Klein, Jannik Rebmann, Herbert Walde, Simon Weidner and Joachim Wolff as a software project for a course at the University of Freiburg in summer 2013. There were several requirements to be met within the 13 short but busy weeks we were given!
We had to use Microsoft Visual Studio, C# and XNA, so the .NET Framework and XNA redistributables are required to play mSlendon4096.EXE.
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The game world in mSlendon4096.EXE is created randomly based on a seed value from 0 to 9999 as well as the map size, which can be chosen from several presets. Small maps can be won quickly, while large ones offer a much greater challenge!
You can share seed values with your friends or post the most interesting ones you find on Facebook or whatever other social media you use. Seed values can easily be copied from the pause menu, which will also copy the map size to the clipboard - never forget the map size when sharing your seeds!

We want to thank DST from for the great music!

Required Microsoft toys:
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0

Created as a team project with six other students of the University of Freiburg, mSlendon4096.EXE is a real-time strategy game where you collect scientific formulas to gain points while avoiding the point-stealing enemy, Dr. Sheldon Cooper! Use various special skills to increase your odds for victory.